Breweries & Distilleries

To meet the growing demand of consumers in Taste and Nutritional Value, The FOOD and Beverages industry need to manufacture High Quality products quickly and keep prices Low and food safer. Using CONNECTED Enterprise we provide SMART Manufacturing environment that provides accessibility to relevant, real-time information


Our solutions for the food and beverage industry are based on expertise, proven methodology, reuse, and a deep understanding of markets and their challenges. Our experts and partners help you specify your installations and advise you on the best solutions.


Food & Beverages Process Automation are the core industries, we are serving from past 18+ years. STPL has Extensive Experience & Expertise in design & development of PLC based HMI/SCADA applications for

Process Control, Process Monitoring, Data Acquisition & Reporting


To help customer Optimize Plant Performance, Product safety and Quality Assurance.

Our extensive range of solutions across all processes include

Milling, Mashing
Lautertun, Fermenting
Boiling, Cooling 
Whirlpooling, Maturing,
Filtering, Packaging


and in handling process complexities of multiple tanks transfer systems in Breweries & Distillery  industries.


 The brewery industry is very diverse, requiring various processes and applications. Whether your process demands continuous, batch, discrete, or SCADA applications, STPL is able to deliver exceptional solutions providing the highest level of performance, flexibility, and ease of use at the lowest life-cycle cost of ownership. We offer automation solutions for all process areas in a brewery such as Raw Material Handling , Brewhouse (LT or Mash-filter based), Fermentation, storage cellars, Yeast management / Yeast propagation, Filtration, Bright Beer Area, CO2 recovery, CIP, Cooling plants, Water treatment, Wastewater plants, etc. 

We have provided solutions for our customers, utilizing a diverse mix of technologies. These include software and hardware that range from PLC controls to large distributed control systems as part of closed-loop processes, blending, batching, heating, grinding, cooling, material transfer, energy management, alarm management, database management, special reporting (Brew Card & Cellar reports). 

Distillery is classified as a hazardous area and STPL is equipped to provide a wide range of measurement and automation solutions including software design and integration, hazardous area and safety critical application of instrumentation and control systems. With the support of our proficient workforce, we are regarded as one of the most prominent supporter and suppliers of automation solution. We have given automation solutions for fermentation, liquefaction, distillation and Ethanol with Evaporator and Dryer for distillery effluents. 

We offer wide range of PLC, DCS and SCADA solutions from small to large I/O’s of Distillery. Our primary consideration is to provide a flexible and upgradable system, increased productivity and efficiency of our client. 

We provide Breweries & Distilleries plant automation with PLC’s, DCS, Variable frequency drives, SCADA systems, control panels.



  • Experts on Board

    We have Industrial Automation Experts on Board to manage any Simple to Complex Project.

  • Manufacturing Capacity

    We have our own 10,000 sq. ft. dedicated factory premise to manage any Small to Large capacity Project.

  • 18+ Years of Experience in Automation Industry

    Since last 18+ years we have grown a large knowledge base to successfully complete any size project.